We held a Laura Jean Photo Fundraiser in April and the day ran smoothly. The photographer was professional at all times and developed an easy rapp...

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Discover the Value of Family Portrait Fundraising!

Laura Jean Fundraising offers professional portraiture photography to schools, pre-schools, child care centres, and kindergartens throughout Australia.

Family Fundraising Photography works! Parents really value the fact they get a professional framed family portrait while also supporting their childs school/centre. Especially when the normal studio price would be over $90.00. Laura Jean Fundraising can offer huge discounts because we avoid studio rental costs and pass on the savings to YOU!

100% of your family donations go straight to your school or organisation and we offer plently of additional incentives when 25 or more families participate. We supply everything you need (at no cost to you) and the photo day itself can be booked weekends or week nights, when the whole family is available.

It's the most rewarding, convenient, easy to run fundraiser available - and families shall appreciate the service and memories.


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How can we offer a $90.00 framed portrait for just $20.00?

As we use your facilities to set up our mobile studio (classroom, library, staff room etc), our overheads are low. Our professional photographers can accommodate a large number of families on the day, so everyone benefits from a 'volume discount.'

Obligation-free additional photos are available to families at vastly discounted prices and many families decide to take advantage of this special offer.


Laura Jean PhotographyWe are busy little bees ....

Laura Jean Fundraising has helped many organisations throughout Australia raise $$$ millions of dollars for much needed books, computers, toys, shade and play areas, water tanks, sport equipment, camps and even Christmas parties!



Our Australia wide, local contract photographers are committed to making your photo day a great success.


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