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Woodcrest State College – Springfield, Qld

Two great shoots and another booked for 2021

Angela and Sheree from P&C have teamed up to run successful events at Woodcrest State College. They had 49 participating families in 2019 and 31 families in 2020 and will use a Friday in 2021 if the Saturday fills up.

Angela liaises with Laura Jean to organise the promotion and meet Bede on the day of photography, while Sheree is super organised in managing the digital promotion to school families via newsletters, emails and social media. They also like to involve the whole community and funds raised have helped to pay for playground equipment and other P&C projects around school.


La Creche on the Avenue – Parap, NT

Wouldn’t miss out on Bede’s annual Darwin visit

Bede makes his way to Darwin once a year and La Creche has been on the calendar annually since 2017. Their numbers increase every year with 29 families in 2017 and a huge 58 families in 2020! We have used a Friday/Saturday combination for the last 2 years and they have rebooked with 60 in mind this year.

The promotion is mainly run digitally, and Laura Jean mails a sample photo with posters to remind everyone although they know to expect us now. La Creche raised $1270 in family donations plus cash incentives, and also received multiple photo packs and vouchers.


Young Discoverers – Helensvale, QLD

One of Laura Jean’s regular centres which had a bigger than ever event in 2020

Young Discoverers hold an annual portrait fundraiser with us and have been doing so since 2007. Usually around 20 families participate but last year saw a jump in numbers with 27 families, so bonuses were received as well.

It was the first year they used the online booking system and Laura Jean helped to promote in the local area. Rowena from the Centre put the event on their facebook page and managed newsletters, Chrissy reminded her families via posters and reminders and it all came together really well.

“Some families come back for updates every one or two years, they are expecting it as an annual event on the fundraising calendar to look forward to. This is a great fundraiser that also provides a service to our Young Discoverers community.”

Chrissy, Director


Central Australian Toy Library

Sold out in 2 days, a record for Laura Jean!

“How exciting is this… from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon we sold out all our appointments!  Yeah us. Can I also get Friday afternoon opened for us so I can get it out there over the weekend please?”

“We have playgroup today and half may not even know yet. Our display is up and encouraging all the parents to get in. And as the coordinator I have not even booked in, I thought I’d wait to let parents get in first, I can’t miss out lol. We love promoting a wonderful company here in the Alice”

Leanne, Director

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