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Laura Jean is committed to ensuring families always receive a covidsafe experience

We shall clean our studio between each family

Surfaces shall be regularly wiped down

Hand sanitiser shall be readily available before and after appointments

Sitting times shall be increased where possible

Photographer shall maintain a safe distance where possible

All contract photographers must provide Laura Jean and host school/centre with their own covidsafe plan

All contract photographers are vaccinated against covid 19

If your photographer is feeling unwell on the day, we shall reschedule the event and all family appointments

We ask that families please:

Keep to allocated appointment time at both shoot and collection day and avoid contact with other families

Clean hands before attending appointment

Do not attend if have been in a covid hotspot in the last 14 days, we shall offer a refund in this circumstance

Photographer may respectfully ask any individual in attendance displaying respiratory symptoms to wait outside and has the right not to photograph them

Do not attend if unwell, we shall offer a refund in this circumstance

Last updated March 2022

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