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What areas do you cover?

Local and regional Queensland, Northern NSW, Alice Springs and Darwin

Who can be in the $20 fundraiser photo?

Our limited $20 offer is only available once per family/person with the only exception being separated families. In this case we can photograph Mum and the children, Dad and the children, both with new partner/children as two separate $20 fundraisers.

Grandparents may book their own separate $20 fundraiser or be a part the $20 family portrait. Either way we can take additional poses of them with the children. Sorry, we can’t photograph grandparents and children as $20 fundraiser and the family $20 fundraiser, as the kids will be appearing twice.

Siblings may be photographed as the $20 fundraiser if a parent is present and available to collect. This may suit when a parent needs to work.

Can we do our photo shoot outdoors?

Yes, during specific months of the year. We will need access to a room with power on the day in case it rains, becomes too windy or your grounds aren’t suitable. An outdoor undercover area is not sufficient for a backup room. We may move at lunchtime ie. half day studio and half outdoors. Please trust your photographer’s judgement and enable us to produce the highest quality images for your families.

How many people are needed to coordinate the event?

We only need one event coordinator and find this works the best. A pro-active contact for you to liaise with at the front office or front desk is helpful. Laura Jean is committed to making your event easy to run.

When do we receive our funds?

Your family donations and bonuses will be credited into your nominated bank account after the photo collection day and when Bede photographs 18 families or more he shall provide a gift to the main event coordinator.

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