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Who can be in the $20 fundraiser photo?

Our limited $20 offer is only available once per family/person with the only exception being separated families. In this case we can photograph Mum and the children, Dad and the children (with new partner/children if applicable) as two separate $20 fundraisers.

Grandparents may book their own separate $20 fundraiser or be a part the $20 family portrait. Either way we can take additional poses of them with the children.

Sorry, we can’t photograph grandparents and children as $20 fundraiser if the children are in their own family $20 fundraiser, as the kids will be appearing twice.

Siblings may be photographed without parents as the $20 fundraiser, if a parent is present and available to collect. This may suit when a parent needs to work and may also be an only child.

Can I choose my $20 photo at the shoot?

You may of course look at your images and choose your favourite family pose (for your $20 fundraiser).

As professionals, we take a lot of pride in our work and will choose the very best expressions for all poses chosen for printing during your 15 minute sitting.

What does our family receive for $20?

An 8×12” print of your family + keyring, 15 minute sitting with professional photographer Bede (who is awesome with kids and loads of fun) and as many optional additional poses as he can take (i.e. children together, fun shots, individuals, couple pose).

We have a big family; how many people can be in the $20 photo?

Bede is super skilled! He can take large group shots but over 12 in the studio becomes pretty tight. If your group is made up of separate families, we suggest booking your $20 photo’s each (as long as nobody is appearing twice) and we can do the group shot as a part of both additional poses.

Do you take individual portraits?

Yes, as part of the additional poses available Bede can take each child individually and if you want an individual adult pose for social media or work, just let us know.

Can we bring our dog?

If the host school is ok with it, then we are! Pets are a part of our family. We ask that you toilet beforehand, keep your pup on a lead and bring along a neutral-coloured mat or blanket for them to sit on in case it is needed.

What should our family wear?

Our backdrops vary annually, your online booking link shall advise what we are using on the day.

Complement each other by wearing similar tones or colours. Avoid too many different patterns, but it can look great if someone else wears a base colour that appears in the pattern. Youngest should stand out as they are the smallest.

Try a theme for the family, all in jeans, all in white tops, all in black tops etc. Shoes can stay on, it’s up to you.

Our event is scheduled for outdoors, what happens if it rains?

The show will go on as this is a fundraising event! All schools have a backup room set aside for our studio if it is too wet, too windy or the grounds aren’t suitable.

We shall use our professional judgement on the day to get the best final results possible.

Do you take special requests?

If we can, we will! Let your photographer Bede know before we begin posing, if you prefer your images to be taken vertically, if you want black and whites, or if you want a particular pose.

If I participate, am obliged to purchase additional poses?

We pride ourselves on no pressure sales and understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. The additional poses are obligation free and we have multiple options available. Lay by is available with a deposit.

I am busting to see them….. when do I get to see my additional photos?

We will bring your portraits back to your school about 3 weeks after the photo shoot. They will be printed up with digital images on usb, all ready to take home should you decide to purchase.

Do you edit my digital images?

We will only edit the obvious and temporary i.e. dribble, bruises, scratches and prefer to keep images natural. Please ask your photographer if you have any special requests and we will se what we can do.

Can you print any other sizes?

Our print sizes are set and can’t be changed, this is how we reduce our lab overheads and keep packages affordable. Digital images are high resolution and great value, so you can easily order more as required.

Can you leave my $20 photo at the school please?

No portraits can be left behind or handed to another person (please see our privacy policy).

Can I get a refund if I don’t like my photos?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business we do not offer refunds. Your $20 goes straight back to your school and additional poses must be chosen carefully.

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