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Laura Jean Fundraising's Privacy Policy

Laura Jean Pty. Ltd trading as Laura Jean Fundraising, respects your privacy and is committed to the protection of personal information.

We collect personal information to assist us in providing you with goods and services as well as information on either products or services offered by us.

We collect personal information from you in a number of ways including: (a) directly from you, such as when you enter personal details on our website (for example during registration, sitting cards or application for products and services), when you provide information by phone or in document/s such as a booking form; (b) from your representatives; (c) from publicly available source of information; (d) when legally required to do so.

We do not provide any personal information provided by you to any third parties other than where required by law or as set out in this statement.

Your personal information may be used by us: (a) to identify you; (b) in providing service to you and the administration and management of those services; (c) to provide you with information on either products or services offered by us; (d) in gathering data necessary for our organisation's functions when there is a legitimate reason to receive such information.

If you provide us with personally identifiable information, you may receive from time to time, telephone calls, emails or direct marketing containing promotional material. If you do not want to receive them, please contact us by sending a message - click here to email us

Cookies that are used in any part of our web site will not be utilised for collecting personally identifiable information and will only be used for internal management purposes.

All reasonable steps are taken to correct information that is not accurate, up-to-date and complete.

All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that information is treated confidentially, kept secure and protected against unauthorised use and is maintained only for the purpose for which it is intended.

You have the right to access your personal information and requests for information about our Privacy Policy are welcomed by email - click here to email us

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